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In order to speed up the transformation of the enterprise, further expand the characteristic health food industry and expand the tourism industry, enhance the development competitiveness of Shandong Rongxin Aquatic Food Group Co., Ltd.'s independent industry, and create its own boutique brand of the group company. Research by the group board of directors It was decided to solicit product brand names and LOGO from group companies. The specific notice is as follows:

1. Solicitation content

1. Trademark name

2. LOGO that matches the brand name

2. Scope of solicitation

Internal employees of the group company and their family members who are interested in design and possess the corresponding ability.

3. General requirements for trademark identification and LOGO

1. The trademarks and LOGOs collected this time must reflect the characteristics of Rongxin, the cultural connotation of Rongxin Group, and dig into the essence of corporate culture. Focus on the trademark and LOGO of the group's characteristic products and product features (aquatic products, food, tourism products, etc.).

2. A trademark is composed of a name and LOGO and is used for collective trademark registration. The name can be composed of Chinese characters, pinyin or English, and can also be abbreviated. The specification is: 10*10CM.

3. The brand name and LOGO are required to reflect specific industrial characteristics, are marked, and should be applicable to current and future products and services involved, and help to establish and maintain the image of the product or service in the minds of consumers, and be selected as a trademark The name and logo must be able to successfully pass the trademark registration query. Applicants can provide 1-2 design proposals, both hand-painted and computer-made.

4. The brand name should be unique, novel, smooth, atmospheric, with profound meaning, easy to remember, forward-looking, and contemporary.

4. Design requirements for trademark identification and LOGO

1. Comply with national laws and regulations, and must not be identical or similar to other logos, and the LOGO has not been registered.

2. In line with the theme, fully display the trademark image.

3. Concise patterns, full of personality, novel creativity, appropriate meaning, bright colors, high-level artistic appeal and visual impact.

4. The LOGO is easy to identify, and the graphic symbols have strong functions, which are suitable for production and application in various media and environments, such as print propaganda, outdoor tourism, venue equipment, clothing and other purposes.

5. The design work must be accompanied by a creative description, detailing the concept and symbolic meaning. The LOGO electronic manuscript shall be submitted in JPEG format, no less than 1024×900 pixels, and the paper manuscript shall be printed in color.

     6. All works submitted by participating in the application will not be returned. Applicants are requested to keep their own drafts. .

5. Participation methods

 1. It can be delivered directly to the group office.

 2. Email can be sent. Email: (The content of the submission includes the LOGO design draft and its interpretation, as well as the 's personal information name, mailing address, valid certificate number, contact phone number and E-mail. The electronic manuscript is submitted in JPEG format)

 6. Deadline for submission

     The deadline for submissions for this solicitation is April 31, 2019.

7. Awards

 Set up the use of awards. 3 winners will be accepted, and the bonus will be 1000 (name 500+LOGO500).      

 8. Ownership description

 1. All rights and interests such as the copyright and copyright of the winning work belong to the collector.

 2. Applicants should ensure that the submitted works are original works.

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