Shandong Rongsense Group Holds "Dual System" Construction
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Shandong Rongsense Group Holds "Dual System" Construction Promotion and Implementation Training

 Multiple measures to promote the "dual system" safety construction work 

On the afternoon of September 15, 2018, in order to improve the level of safety production management of our company, to further promote the construction of our company's dual prevention system, and to further strengthen the construction of the dual prevention system for the hierarchical management and control of safety production risks and the detection and management of hidden dangers. The group company is on the first floor of the staff. The conference room held training on the construction of "dual prevention system". The training is organized by the safety supervision department of the group company. The main content is the announcement of the "dual system" construction plan, the progress of the group company's "dual system" construction, the latest requirements for the "dual system" construction of provinces and cities, and the "dual system" construction work promotion plan. Leaders of the group company, heads of various departments (branch companies), and personnel in important positions participated in the training.

At the meeting, Pei Lihua, deputy secretary of the group’s party committee and deputy director of the safety committee, pointed out that the group company fully promoted the implementation of the "dual system" construction of safety production risk hierarchical control and hidden danger investigation and management, and established a "dual system" construction leading group, which also marked Shandong The safety management of Rongxin Group will rise to a new level. The safety production risk hierarchical management and control system and the hidden danger investigation and management system are the innovative safety construction system proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the national security conference, which has been implemented in Shandong Province. Shandong Rongxin Group adopts the method of gradual advancement, learning from the advanced, phased implementation, and experience sharing. Mr. Pei emphasized that the establishment of a dual prevention mechanism is to address outstanding problems in the field of "unrecognizable and unexpected" in the field of production safety, emphasizing the advancement of the barriers of production safety, moving from hidden danger investigation and management to safety risk management and control. A dual prevention mechanism can effectively prevent the occurrence of various accidents of dangerous goods. The key to safe production lies in yourself. It is the current consensus to implement the main responsibility. Faced with the current weak awareness of the main responsibility of enterprises, the passive attitude in safety production management , It needs to be progressively promoted to awaken employees’ sense of responsibility and stimulate their conscious actions.

Through training, Pei Lihua, deputy secretary of the group’s party committee and deputy director of the safety committee, asked the group companies, department heads, and personnel in important positions to attach great importance to the construction of the dual prevention system, study carefully, organize carefully, and complete the construction of the dual prevention system on time and with good quality. It can be used to prevent and reduce safety production accidents in actual daily management and create a safe and harmonious production environment.

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