Warmly celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the
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The Party Committee of Shandong Rongxin Group of the Communist Party of China launched a series of activities to celebrate "July 1st"

        Celebrating the 97th birthday of the Communist Party of China

Before July 1st, in order to further improve the level of party building work, Rongxin Group gave full play to its pioneering and exemplary role, and carried out a series of activities within the company to celebrate the party’s 97th birthday, inspiring all party members and cadres to stand on their posts and strive for the first place, and continuously strengthen the grassroots party organization With outstanding cohesion and combat effectiveness, we have carried out various tasks with excellent results and full enthusiasm.


In order to achieve tangible results for the series of activities, the party committee of the group company held a special meeting in time to study and deploy, formulate a series of activity plans, extensively organize and mobilize, vigorously promote, arrange for special personnel to be responsible, rationally coordinate time, carefully arrange, coordinate and advance, and persist in achieving Work and activity are both right.



From June 26 to 29, each branch of the group held a democratic life meeting to review the development process of the Communist Party of China, continuously deepen the understanding of the party, firmly establish communist ideals and beliefs, and strengthen the sense of glory and mission of the party members. It fully demonstrated the work characteristics of each party branch unit and the results achieved in party building work and the demeanor of party members. Party members have expressed that they must learn from the dedication and sacrifice of revolutionary martyrs, strengthen their ideals and convictions, stand on their posts, be willing to endure hardships and dedication, give full play to their vanguard and exemplary role, do their jobs well, and strive to create new situations in all work.



Group Logistics Party Branch Life Meeting To welcome the "July 1", the group company party committee organized condolences to old party members and party members in difficulties, extended holiday greetings to them, and sent the care and warmth of the group company party committee.

On June 30th, the party committee of the group company held a chorus competition of "Celebrating July 1st, praising the motherland". The party secretary, chairman and general manager of the group Lu Yuanmeng led all party members to solemnly swear in front of the party flag, review the oath of joining the party, The action celebrated the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.




Each branch carefully used the rest time to rehearse the chorus, highlighting the theme and expressing gratitude, loyalty and support to the party. In the end, the Rirong party branch won the crown.



Through the "July 1" series of activities, the group company carried out all-round education and baptism for all party members and cadres, and further strengthened the role of a battle fortress and vanguard role of grassroots party organizations and the majority of party members and cadres.

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